"Big Boy Friend" (portrait of Cris Rivera & Kingsley, her longtime companion)


I hadn't seen Cris Rivera for years until she came to this house last week for one of Suman's Indian cooking classes. I'm under the impression (insofar as I ever really get a grip on any facts) that she's a documentary film-maker. I DO know that I think she's beautiful; I don't often notice folks' skin......but hers is beyond p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

Much more importantly, her smile is utterly infectious and undeniably genuine; it would be difficult, I think, to be around her without feeling that one's day was just considerably lightened.

I did, finally, summon up the courage (or maybe just the rudeness) to ask "So....where is your family from?"......she doesn't look like anyone from these parts.

Turns out she's of Filipino extraction.  In any case, she's remarkably gorgeous (this is not, I should emphasize, the most flattering pose for anyone).  I'll be painting her again in the future. This simple painting's to be a gift to her on this coming weekend.