"River" (from "Quartet in Autumn") This is the second of the four paintings (all watercolor, pastel, and oil pencil) which I'll eventually sell somewhere (they're not at all suitable for any of my galleries)....or maybe give away if I happen to like the person a lot.

As anyone who knows me knows full well.....nothing in this world thrills (a word I choose carefully) me as much as Cistercian architecture. Ironically enough?.....Corbusier, the most modernist of architects, felt similarly. It's just....beautiful....to be in those simple (but quite glorious)spaces.....and thank you, Herve, for taking all those detours over the years to visit various Cistercian monasteries.

L'abbaye Cistercienne a été conçu pour refléter non pas tant la gloire de Dieu que la nature de notre Dieu."

("The Cistercian abbey was designed to reflect not so much the glory of God as the nature of God")

I love that sentence from Terry Kinder's penetrating essay on Cistercian architecture.

I don't, as a very general rule, pat myself on the back....but I think this is one of the two or three most accomplished pictures I've ever done.