"May Day" (Portrait of Dougan in the Front room)

watercolor, pencil, and pastel



"All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well."
----Julian of Norwich (circa 1417)

 "May Day" (portrait of Dougan in the front room of the Webb House)

 Julian of Norwich's feast day is on 8 May......the day when I took the photograph on which this muddy painting is based.  And, yes, I'm the sort of guy who is generally quite aware of where we're sitting, at any particular moment, on the Calendar of Saints and Feast Days.

 In case anyone wonders why the paneling in the room runs vertically?......that's because it's covering the 2-foot-thick walls of the 2-story log-cabin which is the core of this old, enterprisingly rambling house.  The room was originally built as a schoolhouse.....to keep Miss Polly Burke (the spinster daughter of North Carolina's first governor, who lived next door at "Heartsease") busy with such Good Works as were made available to unmarried females in that age.

 I've gathered that several, later governors got their first skooling and learned their letters in what's now the "front room" of this old, rambling house.  Presumably, the schoolhouse predates the rest of the house, which was registered as such in 1800.

 In any case, this is the room to which placid Dougan (the middle and mildest terrier) retreats when everywhere else has just got too noisy for his nerves. The boy can take only so much, it seems.

And, this afternoon?...... I'll be bathing dogs rather than painting them.....having just discovered that I've run out of paper and will have to wait until Utrecht Art Supplies ships more to me......