"My Girl" (for Joe Graedon; portrait of Terry Graedon)
Surprisingly enough, I've been friends with Joe and Terry Graedon for years...and, yes, they're the folks who are the ones you know from NPR's ( or whatever your broadcast network is) "The People's Pharmacy".  They're also the ones who've always made, over 15 and more years, sure that my mother in East Tennessee got a copy of whatever their latest book was.  To be blunt?....They're a lovely couple.  My mother (who's met them many times over the years, at my house or at art openings of mine) worships them,

Last night, they were here for dinner, and I simply made it clear (for about the fourteenth time over the past few years) that I wanted to paint Terry (who I think is really lovely woman....such an obvious & sincere capacity for joy in her face).

Joe, while he was still here last night, sent me a number of his favorite photographs of his wife of god-knows-how-many-decades.....and I did this between 10 this morning and about 45 minutes ago....about eight hours work, all told.

Isn't she lovely?....still quite the long-limbed filly/colt.....and and a great smile......she'll be as beautiful at ninety as she was at twenty.

And the only song for it is (go to):