"All These Mornings" (for Lisa and Tom Urquhart)
I'd just finished the portrait of Laure Levesque this afternoon when I had an upsetting call from Tom Urquhart (I've never met him or his wife in person, but we've become, over the past ten years and after their beginning as "clients", genuine friends through correspondence and a shared love of dogs). Unfortunately, Lisa had to put old "Grip" to sleep today....and I immediately set out to do something for her. I'm actually pretty satisfied with what I came up with in three hours of work (the materials were already laid out on the drawing table; that's the only real "work" involved in painting/drawing, as far as I'm concerned). I know it'll be a hard first-night-without-him for Lisa and Tom. I'm glad to have caught (so to speak) Grip at his liveliest....and his sweetest.....young and old....and this'll be a gift, of course, to Tom and Lisa.

"Morning Light"
pastel, pencil, watercolor