"May Light" (Portrait de Laure Levesque) Well, I seem to have settled down a routine of one-picture-per-week-after-the-third-try-on-each (I have no idea why I never get it right the first time, but never seem to utterly strike out, so that I need a fourth swing).  Nor do I have any idea why, at this age, I'm suddenly resorting to baseball metaphors; I doubt my doing so fools anyone.

In any case, this is my attempt at conveying Laure Levesque....one of my shiny, new&improved friends from the past year.  Laure's French, as one might guess for a variety of immediately evident reasons.  She used to hold some dauntingly significant position ("Director of International Marketing" for L'Oreal, as I dimly recall.; These days, she's happily settled down here with her handsome, thoroughly American Husband, and she spends her days volunteering her services for SCORE (a program that helps small businesses begin and stay in business) and, as evinced here, paying visits to the middle-aged/infirm artistes.

Like my friend, Maureen, Laure's just....very elegant....in a distinctly French way. I'm not the first person to say "I can't put my finger on exactly what-it-is" when it comes to French "Style".  Suffice it to say that Laure usually breezes in, wearing some Chanel dress (sorry, I don't know my designers, but I DO know when to think "She didn't get that around here") and looking perfectly composed.....but, the next thing you know, her shoes are off, and she's down on the floor, casually tucking her hair behind an ear, and playing with the dogs (they adore her, of course) while happily chattering away with whoever happens to be here.  In short?.....there's none of this stiff "I'm all dressed-up, so I can't sit or move" business.

I think she's delightful.  She's obviously pretty and invariably well-dressed, of course, but her "Secret" seems to lie entirely in how she moves through a room, interacts with other people (she's always sincerely interested), and at least several other qualities that I doubt I've captured in this portrait.  My longtime friend, Newby, once described a mutual friend as having "a capacity for joy"; I thought of that the first night I met Laure.