"High, Wide, & Handsome" (Portrait of John Shelton Reed) Well, I finally finished the commissioned portrait (it's HUGE, so this is a terrible black&white scan) of John Shelton Reed and Dale Vogler Reed. Both are very fine friends of mine, and I'll admit to having been apprehensive/nervous about this one. The title comes from a 1931 Charlie Poole song:

"High, wide, & handsome--that's how I like livin'
High, wide, & handsome--that's how life should be
Low, skinny, & ugly?--that's for other people;
High, Wide, & handsome suits me to a tee.

High, wide, & handsome--you can call it my motto.
High, wide, & handsome, you can call it my creed.
Money's just paper, and blood's thicker than water.
I'm stayin' high, wide, & handsome in thought, word, & deed.

'High, wide, & handsome'--have it carved on my headstone,
With the day I was born, plus the day that I died.
Then take one from the other, all that's left is a number.
Just remember I laughed twice as hard as I cried."

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"Portrait of John Shelton Reed"
pen and ink