"Choose Joy" (a portrait of and for Dorie Greenspan) "L'oscurità del mondo non è che un'ombra;
Dietro di esso, ma alla nostra portata, è la gioia.

"The gloom of this world is but a shadow;
Behind it, yet within our reach, is joy.
Take joy."

---Fra Giovanni Giocondo

Hey Folks,

Dorie Green (the deservedly well-known and much-loved author of many cookbooks, including the James Beard Award winning "Around My French Table") gave me the go-ahead on her portrait about two months ago......since which time I've done/ sort-of done two different versions of her very delicately-skinned self.  While the eyes, nostrils, ears, etcetera ended up in the right places in my previous two attempts, I still kept managing to make her look like a Madame Tussaud's wax-replica of Dorie Greenspan.  I do hope this portrait "works".

Today (when I was supposed to be out back chopping down scrub-trees), I sat down and did this in six hours (which isn't a very long time, but that's how it works out, just sometimes).  All I hope is that it conveys the very real and immediate and obviously sincere joy/fun that are evinced (insofar as I've been able to detect) in Dorie's work and writings.  It doesn't strike me as at all surprising that she was friends with (and co-authored a book with) Julia Child.......another woman who knew how to "prendere gioia".

Just for the record?.....I love Dorie's disarmingly elegant, little monk's-cap of a haircut....and who could possibly mistake that smile of hers for anything but the genuine, real article?

Thanks, of course, to Alan Richardson (go to: http://alrichardson.com.au/) for the originating photograph of Dorie, and to Dominique Browning (go to: http://www.slowlovelife.com/) for first introducing me to the Fra Giocondo quotation.