"As Common As the Rain"
pencil, pastel, & watercolor

One of my "Technical Secrets" is that I tend to sorta-work-on-things...and then leave them..........and then finish up a bunch of them once I've got all the paints/pencils/etcetera laid out.. Hence, my habit of going 3-6 months (or sometimes a year?) without apparently producing anything, and then suddenly producing a picture a day. In this case, all I had to do this afternoon was to figure out how to do/finish the striped pants....which I hope I did successfully.  The pants and the shirt were the hard part, actually. Quite frankly, I've spent my entire adult life sleeping with dogs and men (usually at the same time), so I find them easy to replicate, after having seen so much of them.  Fabrics present different and new challenges....(not that men and/or dogs get any easier as they get older.......).

The title's taken from David Wilcox's song.....which I've know for many years, and which is one of my favorites of his. I thought of it while my good friends, Bob and Lynne, talked seriously to me, after a bunch of other folks had left after dinner last Sunday, in the kitchen here.

to hear an surprisingly not-bad version/cover of it (the song...not the kitchen), go to: