"And Perchance to Dream" watercolor, pencil, and pastel
It's very seldom that I'm so invested in a commission (from folks I've never met; they live in Minnesota), but I do hope that this one is as good as I wanted it to be (i.e., I hope it's quiet and peaceful). I think they're lovely dogs (obviously inseparable Jack Russels, and both of them getting on in their years). I'm more than well-aware that, for various reasons I wouldn't even try to determine, so many folks commission me to paint their aging dogs and/or children-on-the-cusp-of-adolescence. I take this as a compliment, since I think I sorta guess the reason.
This one's for Martha Penkhus (thank you, Martha)......with additional thanks to Jaynie Spector (my very good dealer at The Dog & Horse Fine Art Gallery in Charleston) for the opportunity.....and John Singer Sargent for some immediately (I would assume) obvious technical tips.