"M is for Mammaw in Love" (latest entry for "A Southern Alpherbet"

Well, this is what you (or at least I) do when you've taken up the habit of getting up everyday at 4 a.m and have a show in two weeks.

   For years, I've loved the original (and considerably more cluttered/populated) photograph upon which this latest entry for my "Southern Alpherbet" is based.  I love her stance, I love her "look", and I love the lady's "I'll give you exactly ONE minute of my time, Mister Camera-man!" expression. For the record?.....she was on her volunteer's way to her elementary-school-aged grand-daughter's Valentine's Day home-room party.

    Actually, my fondest (and just about the only) memories of elementary skool are of the Valentine's Day and Christmas parties (yes....we used to have those in East Tennessee).

    I hope everyone will agree with me in considering that, while this picture is sorta funny, it's mostly sweet (a word I use seldom and reserve for instances when I mean it).

    Thanks, as ever, to The Reverend Doctors Debby Stirling and Godfrey Herndon for their perhaps ill-advised encouragement.

oil pencil, watercolor, and india ink

12"x15 or so inches....