"Happy Boy"

watercolor, pencil, and oil pencil

12" x 10"



This is yet another (there were, surprisingly enough, four in all) portraits commissioned this past Christmas season by a middle-aged daughter/son-in-law.....for his/her spouse, and of the spouse's recently deased father.  I thought that was awfully sweet, to be honest.

I never met any of the actual fathers-in-law, but I've heard plenty of tales.  The subject of this portrait was, I gather, particularly jolly and much loved (and, now, much-missed) by everyone. I do love his posture and his attitude (which, rather obviously, is "Honey?....Bring us another round of bloody-Mary's when you have the time, please....what's the POINT of being at the beach, otherwise?".  He sounds like he was awfully fun.....