"Tuesday Morning" (Portrait of Kate; Hillsborough, NC_


pastel pencils and watercolor


 It's always been the case in our house that Monday (when guests have left, no more are coming, folks with day-jobs have gone off to them, and I'm left alone in the house) is, in accordance with the best of 19th century tradition, Laundry Day.

 Rather obviously (check the title of this painting), I've never considered myself obliged to also consider it Folding Day.

 I don't at all mind washing clothes & piles of towels (probably because I feel that someone, even if it's only a machine, is helping with the chore), but this ironing, & folding & putting-away business is always a drag.

 Fortunately, the dogs are white-haired....so leaving the laundry on the floor (which I thoroughly vaccuum every Friday) doesn't result in having to wash everything all over again......