"These Fine Days" (two cairn terriers)

Last week, I posted a new, small picture of two cairn terriers ("Afternoon Duet")...a gift I sent to a lady who'd written to me....making it clear that she wasn't exactly flush with cash (which retirees are, these days?)...but how could she go about commissioning a portrait of her and her husband's two cairn terriers? 

As you'll have read, I did some reading myself (between the lines, so to speak), and I simply did a portrait for her and sent it off as gift to her. My reward, since then, has been an obviously sincere telephone call from her two days ago.  And, yes....she's a five-year survivor of a rare form of breast-cancer, and her good&loyal husband stuck through it all with her. She also had No Problem with my simply asking her questions such as "What type of cancer, if I can ask?" and "How old are you, if I can ask?.

I have  absolutely no patience whatsoever with this all-too-common business of making illness, age, or financial troubles some sort of "secret" which would be "awwkwarrrrrd" to recognize/mention publicly....as though any of these were circumstances of which one ought to be ashamed (or, for that matter, circumstances which any of us could control?). I do make a point, during conversations such as I just had with the lady when she telephoned to say she'd gotten the first portrait, of adding "if I can ask?". They can always politely decline to answer the question; the choice is up to them.

That said?...I admired the lady....I thought she was funny and quite sincere (the two don't necessarily always come in a 2-4-1 gift-set). I particularly liked her telling me "I always tell people that my husband's an entrepeneur....if he falls off a building, he'll find a way of building himself an airplane on the way down....."

The lady has manners, a sense of humor, AND spunk.  So, I did this second portrait of her and her husband's dogs yesterday as yet another gift. I've been going through some troubles, myself....so, it's good to be able to send a gift to folks who've obviously weathered their own troubles.  Plus?.....the dogs are lovely (they look just like my Morgan, by the way).

"These Fine Days"


oil pencil, watercolor, and pastel