Portrait de Erwan Mommeja Marin Portrait de Erwan Mommeja Marin

Pencil, watercolor, & pastel



This would be Erwan.....the only biological child of Herve's parents' only other child ("little" brother Pierre....who's actually a kind-of big guy, to say the least, these days).  In any case, this is THE GRANDCHILD!!!!!!!!!


Since his birth, Arwen has been (to put the matter as mildly as possible) adored, cherished, coddled, worshipped, and basically idolified from sunrise to sunset each and every day.


Surprisingly enough (and the kid's about five, these days), he's really not particularly spoiled. He's sort of normal, in fact.....despite having been treated since birth as though he were the latest reincarnation of the Dalai Lama.


I even gave him a Christmas present last year.........(I hadn't done so previously, since it would just get lost amongst the thousand&one OTHER presents the kid was getting on what was supposed to be someone else's birthday party).


This was a present to Danielle (my mother-in-law).  I expect that she's since had it encased in some sort of solid-gold reliquary with trolley-wheels, so that she can take it about with her when she doesn't have the actual child in her arms.