"On the Bright Side of Road (portrait of Godfrey Herdon; Hillsborough, NC. 2013)
"Joy is the serious business of Heaven." ~ C. S. Lewis

Anyone who's spent even five minutes with Godfrey Herndon will recognize this smile and this laugh.
I would say that Godfrey Herndon (whom I've known since I was in my late twenties or so?) is my best friend, but the "my" would be misleading......I've gathered over the years that the man is about 10,000 folks' "best friend".
Anyone who knows him knows that....and will just have to face the fact that to love Godfrey is to be forced to SHARE Godfrey. It's all very frustrating for someone as self-centered as I am, but that's the way it goes in this world.....
In all seriousness?...Godfrey's all sorts of good & fine things (a finely-honed lawyer, Durham born&raised, an encyclopedically-versed musicologist, etcetera), and I've never known anyone so beloved by so many folks.....and for good reason. He's also the only friend I have who's an utterly sincere (no trace of irony here, thank you), practicing Christian.
Godfrey's also the only person I know who went to high school with the ultra-fabulous Andre Leon Talley of "Vogue" fame....but that's another story for, I assume, another day...and I hope he and I have many more together.
Hence?....this song is for Our Man Godfrey....go to the following link: