"The River's Edge" (portrait of Will Terry. 2013.)  
My younger brother's birthday is two days from now, but I'll be traveling, and so I'm sending this now.  I'd meant to do Chris's portrait (just for the record, about half the women and certainly the majority of gay men who've passed through my house, with its 1,001 pictures, over the years have stopped suddenly and asked "WHO is this?".  I wearily tell them "It's my younger brother Chris....and, yes,he's handsome,...and, BY THE WAY?..., he's straight, and he's been quite happily married, for about twenty years, to the same nice girl he dated in college, and they still live with their two boys in our hometown.  Give it a rest, please?....."
It did occur to me, though, that my brother is, among all the folks I've known, probably the least self-involved or vain person I know; the last thing he'd care about is a portrait of himself. I'll do that project for his wife (of whom I'm quite fond) someday.
So, I did his oldest son last night and today.  Will's a lovely boy (he'll hate reading this) and a genuinely good person (I hope he won't mind reading that, since I say it very rarely of folks).  This portrait is derived from a photograph taken by my father only....two years ago???  Hard to believe, but Will's since shot up horrifically (he's got to be almost 6' tall by now)....and no one knew where he got THAT from (his two grandfathers are both about my height, which is 5'6"; it's not particularly difficult to outstrip any of us in the family). Eventually, his maternal grandmother (Margaret, whom I also know well and like tremendously) let it slip that she has/had two brothers who were 6'4" or so.  And so it goes......
I should emphasize that Will's also a lucky boy....both sets of his grandparents have lived within a few miles of his parents' house since he was born, and he spent all of his childhood surrounded by family and doting (if NO FOOLS when it comes to raising kids) Tennessee grandparents. That's scarcely ever the case for children these days, as we all know.
These days?....I never speak with either of his grandmothers without hearing that Will has just been over, after school, to help Margaret with her deli (the woman is indefatigable; she's profitably owned about six small businesses since I first met her), or somehow help my mother, or been to church with my father to set up cameras to film some event....etcetera ad infinitum.  As I wrote previously...he's already a good person.
So (and do I need to emphasize that I rarely give pictures "literal" titles?), "On The River's Edge" isn't meant to be a sinister title...it's meant as a compliment.
"On the River's Edge"
oil pencil, watercolor, and pastel