"Soleil et l'Ombre" (La Cote Sud. 2013)  
"Soleil et l'Ombre" (La Cote Sud. 2013)
paastel, oil pencil, & watercolor
To begin with, I should admit that this is derived from a a photograph--------which shouldn't be terribly surprising; I don't, as a very general rule, sit around painting pictures "en plein air" while I'm perched on a ladder in the South of France.  However, It IS embarrassing, or at least slightly wince-making, that I can't recall which friend I stole the original photograph from......either Sharon Santoni (of "My French Country Home") or Heather Robinson (of "Lost in Arles").  Both of the ladies have fine, expatriate-in-France blogs.  I expect one of them will be writing to me very soon after I hit "Send"......
In any case, this was an intriguing technical exercise (I love my new, German pastels), if not exactly a piercing exploration of my own soul.  If nothing else,it provides a fine excuse for giving the link to this song....go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2mk2hjgLwc
(Just for the public record?....yes, this is one of the five or so songs ("Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is definitely among those) that I inevitably play when I've had a hard day/week and have finally decided that it's simply time to give myself an opportunity for a good, self-indulgent cry.  I love this song, for some reason I couldn't begin to fathom, since I generally loathe anything to do with the ocean.