"Side by Side" (Portrait of Martini Emmart-Niedbalski, Bob Niedbalski, and Herve Mommeja-Marin....which is a LOT of names for 3 people, I know)  
Pastel pencil, watercolor, and oil pencil.    12"x10"    (2013)
Well, 6 hours after finishing the portrait of Martini, I finished this (which I began two weeks ago in pencil draft). It's not bad (and yes, Kate Dobbs Ariail, someone has, all too obviously, been looking at Sargent portraits).
I distinctly recall the night I took the photograph from which this is drawn/painted.....Martini and Bob were throwing a party, and they felt obliged to retreat into a bedroom if they wanted to smoke in their own house without havng someone (or, more likely, several someones) going on about how IT'S BAD FOR YOU!!!!! (as though Martini or Bob were illiterate fools?).
I went looking for Herve at one point, and I found him happily camped out with The Bad People in the bedroom...hence, this picture.....with a genuine smile from Herve (I know the man well).
Please go to the ever-wonderful Kay Starr, singing "Side by Side" (Herve, Martini, and Bob have deserved this)....: