Nathaniel Horwitz Nathaniel Horwitz

watercolor, oil pencil, pastel pencil



Well, this is Nathaniel (the son of the writers Tony Horwitz and Geraldine Brooks). As his mother has informed me, he does NOT care to be referred to as "Nate" or (worse yet) "Nat".  Smart boy.....

I first drew him, five or so years ago, when he really was just a child.  Now? he all his adolescent, growing-six-inches-per-year, grinning, & coltish glory (so to speak).

Nathaniel is most renowned (at least in our household and according to what I recall of his mother's anecdote) for quite un-ironically referring to her having won "The Pulitzer Surprise".  It is, finally, the case that it was, indeed, a "Pulitzer Surprise" for Geraldine, since she wasn't aware that she'd even been nominated. Prior to turning to novel-writing, she'd been a well-known/respected war-journalist and hadn't filed a story in why were all these reporters suddenly showing up and pounding on the family's front-door?