Hoppie in NYC Hoppie in NYC

Pen and Ink, Watercolor 14"x 20" 2008


"Hoppie" does (or did, at least...it's been a while since 2008) live in Manhattan.  The commission came to me via the very good owner of The Dog & Horse Fine Art Gallery in Charleston.  As I recall from my conversations with the wife/mother, the rabbit came to Mahattan via her husband and her two daughters.....who'd spent a get-away weekend up in Vermont and returned with a baby rabbit they'd found by the road.  SO..."Hoppy" came to New York City and spent pretty much all of her days predictably hopping around and chewing the fringe off of various oriental rugs. I thought the client seemed a very nice and accommodating wife & mother.  An enterprisingly nice & accomodating wife & mother, in fact.......I'd have to love someone a lot to let him/her keep a free-range rabbit in my house (not that one would last very long here, given that there are already three terriers in residence....)

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