Suma Bhatia & Family (Durham, NC) Suma Bhatia & Family (Durham, NC)  
I just finished this of Suman Bhatia, her mother, and son (Vivek).  I wouldn't have even begun to "become" an artist if it weren'tfor her encouragement back when I was broke, 29 years old, and irritatedly (to say the least) struggling to finish a dissertation on Thomas Hardy that would satisfy the conflicting demands of four warring faculty-members. 
That was a long time ago, I'm glad/relieved to say.....but I was happy, this morning, to come across the initial studies I'd done for this painting (Which I happily did today.  I like to think that it goes from Andy Warhol on the left to Andy Wyeth on the right.
Suman's mother came to visit from India for a year when Suman's father died...I remember that I used to go about the yard, two years later, and find all sorts of jars of various kinds of indian pickles....which she'd left out in "the sun"....not realizing that here in North Carolina (as opposed to her yard in New Delhi) we don't exactly get brilliant sun all day, everyday..........
oil pencil, pastel pencils, watercolor