"On the Black Hill"
Here's "On the Black Hill"....and, yes, I stole the title from Bruce Chatwin's novel (which is one of my ten or so favorites among all those I've read over the years; read it, and you'll see why I loved "Wuthering Heights" at age ten, and that it's no wonder I ended up writing a dissertation on Thomas Hardy at age 29).
"On the Black Hill" is a short novel, in which nothing and everything happens to two identical-twin brothers, Benjamin and Lewis Jones, who live on a small, very isolated farm (called "The Vision") in the far backcountry of Wales.  I think it covers about 80 years....from 1900 to 1980 or so.  It's just beautiful.
This is all done in watercolor and pastel pencil......small-small-small, as is everything I do these days.
Pastels, watercolor, and oil pencil