"July Heat"

I just finished this picture....at 10:32 am...in five hours (it helps, in one way and another, when you wake up at 3:30 am with nothing in particular that you're obliged to do).

   I'd "done" it previously, but the modelling was terrible (I couldn't get the dog-on-the-left's lighting right, for some reason).  This time around, it worked out. It helps that the dog's black spots are (compositionally speaking) in the right places.

   And, yes....she (the hound on the right) is very, very pregnant. My heart goes out to my mother, who was raising and bearing babies on an air force base in early 1960's, un-air-conditioned Biloxi, Mississippi.  Sometimes, a lady has just got to take a load off her feet, don't you agree?

    It's an extremely rare occasion when I finish a picture and think "I'm keeping this one for me".  This may be one of those; it reminds me of many good things. I loathe sentimentality, but I do love subjects that are genuinely sweet (a word I use rarely and only when I really mean it)

 \watercolor & pastel pencil