Bichons Frises Bichons Frises Bichons Frise #1

(commissioned by Chad Wilson for Sarah Wilson. Christmas 2011)

12" x 10"

pastels, pencils, watercolor


 I've never actually known any of these dogs, but I've gathered that, while they're undoubtedly smart (courtesy of all those poodle  genes?) they're remarkably pirhana-like.  That suspicion was confirmed when I posted this picture on my Facebook page a week ago. The comments box was immediately filled by various friends, typing variations on "The ONLY time I've ever been bitten by a dog in my entire life was the one time when I visited a woman who owned one of those damn little dogs...."

Being, myself, small and white and fairly snappy, I've thought it best to keep my mouth shut about the breed.....all I know for certain is those friends of mine (this would include Chad&Sarah, and my godmother's sister, Yolande Assad, who owns SIX of them) are absolutely devoted to the dogs, who are equally devoted to them.