"Lavender Dreams" (Normandy, France; for Sharon Santoni, 2013)

I don't, as a very constant rule, indulge in cliches about French culture or daily life (which would usually include a title such as "lavender dreams").  The fact remains that I got up way too early one morning last week and found myself (in the dim light) using a "greyed lavender" pencil when I thought I'd gotten hold of a simply-grey pencil.  Hence.....the name. of the picture.

 The dogs are "Gibson" and "Ghetto".  They lead more-than-usually charmed lives in the Norman countryside.  Sharon's fine blog can be found by googling "My French Country Home"


I should add that, during Ghetto's first year, I saw photographs that Sharon sent...and I thought he was a STUFFED TOY that belonged to Gibson.  Turns out the dog really does look this way.....


pastel pencil and watercolor