"Edna Lewis"

NOT FOR SALE....sorry, it's a present to a friend... (oil pencils, watercolor, pastels. 14"x23" framed)


Edna Lewis (1916-2006)

"Miss Lewis was able to gently suggest another way of being, one on a human scale, in harmony with the seasons and with our fellow man.  For her, always, as it had in her childhood, pleasure flowed unstoppably out of doing....she demonstrated the beauty of tradition, and by doing so, helped stir up a great longing for authenticity, accountability, and sustainability.

...Another notable advocate of simplicity, Mahatma Ghandi, famously remarked that we must become the change we want to make in the world.  Like Ghandi, Miss Lewis was as radical as she was traditional.....her key insight was to recognize that truly great traditions belong to all the living, regardless of individual heritage; and that they belong to elective families as well as to those bound by consanguinity.

...She was, and she remains, an inspiration to all of us who are striving to protect both biodiversity and cultural diversity by cooking real food in season and honoring our heritage through the ritual of the table.  By holding on to her values and expressing them in her life's work, she set a shining example of how to bring beauty and meaning to everyday life"

---Alice Waters (foreword to Lewis's "A Taste of Country Cooking", 2008 edition)