"Reading the Morning Mail" (portrait of McKinley Brim, age 82. Patrick County, VA)

pen and ink, watercolor

This is one of the very few pictures I don't intend to ever sell. Some visitors to this house (where it hangs prominently) love it....but the majority say something along the lines of "Oh....that is such a SAD picture....".

That always takes me aback, since I've always thought the picture was remarkably touching....what's "sad" about leading an admittedly simple (by most American standards, I guess) life and reading the morning mail, at age 82 and having been married for over 60 years, before you go out to work your own farm?

I don't know....I hear comments such as "that's so SAD", and all I can think is that I'm lucky to have been raised to look at things and people differently.

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