Welbourne Hound Welbourne Hound

"Welbourne Hound" (for Nat Morison, Welbourne, Virginia)
Ink and watercolor
(For availability & price, contact
Jaynie M. Spector
The Dog & Horse Art Dealer,
Charleston, SC)

Oh...this is one the most wonderful old dogs I've ever encountered. I must have taken 15 or twenty photographs of the dog when I first stayed at Welbourne (which is a very old & big house/farm that, thanks...sits contentedly, deliberately uncompetitively, and un-fussily in the center of that Middleburg/Upperville Vrginia horsey-set country...just as it's done since the 18th century). The ancient hound's name is "Sorley" (after the oldest bar in Manhattan, as I've been told by Nat Morison, the 7th-or-so-generation owner of Welbourne), and Sorley has toenails the size of cashew nuts.

You ought to hear this old dog go clattering around on the porch....it sounds like Carmen Miranda, equipped with four pairs of castanets. (I know...not an image one would normally associate with genteel Loudon County....but appropriate in this case...)

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