Edgar Allen Poe (for the News and Observer) Edgar Allen Poe (for the News and Observer)

pen and ink

Oh....the subtitle to this piece was "Mr Poe Prepares himself for his LATEST critical re-assessment".

This was an illustration which accompanied yet ANOTHER "critical re-assessment" of Poe (I can't recall if this book was "feminist" or "gender-theory", or post-structuralist or who-knows-what-the-hell-skool-of-criticism......it certainly smelled of an over-inflated dissertation from someone desperately seeking tenure).

In any case...poor Mr. Poe.

I recall thinking at the time that I was glad the book itself got a deservedly unfavorable review. It might have been the first time I got to draw what I was already thinking (and, yes, to answer the perennial question....I DID actually read the books before I illustrated their reviews).

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