Boschaud (mown wheat field) Boschaud (mown wheat field)

pastel, oil pencil, and drywash watercolor
2008 (I think)

This is my most successful rendering of a mown wheatfield, in July, with an approaching storm.

I'd never done one before and haven't done one since, but there are about six versions of this picture, all done during one month. This small version finally got it right. I like to think. Consequently, its not for sale.

Boschaud is, actually, NOT in the South (at least not that of the USA). Boschaud, between Tours and Perigord, is another of the French Cistercian ruins. I was first there this past Summer, and I was reminded of various ruins in has to drive off on various country roads, end up on a dirt track, find your way to some farmhouse....where a farmer directs you to the place, which is usually incorporated (for the past few hundred years) into the back wall of someone's cow-byre. All in all, it's remarkably "southern"........

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