Lovers, Come Back! (#3 in the infamous Lovers, Come Back! (#3 in the infamous "Breezy Stories!" series)

ink and watercolor

As I wrote in 1995:

"**Lovers, Come Back!"---- **a daring book set amongst the sparkling beaches of Wrightsville, North Carola, is the first volume of the wildly-anticipated trilogy This Passion Called Love.....brimful of naked truths, unashamed facts, frank discussions, and intimate secrets of sex, Love, and Marriage in "the Tarheel Smart Set" (25 cents per copy; available only through mail-order. Purchasers must be 21 or older.)

you can read the WHOLE THING if you click on "see larger image".

Do I need to say that these have never been among my mother's favorite pictures-by-me?.....

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