Mothers of Invention (review of Drew Faust's book) Mothers of Invention (review of Drew Faust's book)

pen and ink

Early Mistake #5,948:

When the Raleigh News & Observer commissioned this illustraton for its deservedly favorable review of Drew Faust's history "Mothers of Invention", I happily drew my little picture and, afterwards, simply dropped it off at the paper's main office. Usually, I gave the originals to the book editor himself.....but he was out that afternoon.

Sooooo?.....some new person in Production simply scanned the entire piece of paper....including the incredibly mean-spririted (if, I thought, amusing) satire of the book's premise that I'd written (for just the EDITOR'S amusement) across the bottom of the page.

It appeared, quite legibly, in that Sunday's paper.

I later met Drew Faust, but didn't test her by asking "Hey, remember the guy who wrote the nasty stuff about your book?" Of course, she's now the President of Harvard (she really is), and I'm just me. I suppose there's a moral to be had there.

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