Limestone House back kitchen, 1793 Limestone House back kitchen, 1793

pencil and watercolor

This wonderfully evocative house (one of seven, relatively local stone houses built by the same group of itenerant German stonemasons in the late 18th century) sits by the side of the road between my parents' house and Greeneville, TN (where my parents were raised and I was born).

I'd never known it to be inhabited until five or so years ago, when I was on a ride with my father....and we turned the corner....and found ourselves looking at something we'd never expected. You would have thought Martha Stewart and Donald Trump had gotten married, bought the house, and done absolutely EVERYTHING they could do to it.

I'm glad, of course, that the old house is stablized, but I still regret the glaringly new, faux "split rail" fence (which, when I last saw it, had an obviously expensive and utterly-perfect christmas wreath hanging from each of its many angles....). All I could think was "I bet the florist in Jonesborough is glad you folks decided to move down here...."

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