An Illustrated Natural History An Illustrated Natural History

pen & ink, watercolor

This was the invitation to my second show. I can't recall anyone's ever mentioning it since, although the show itself did quite well and this remains one of my favorites.

The Cecropia moth that figures in the picture is still in my of the many "presents" my now-93-year-old neighbor, Felton Nease, has been bringing up to this house for years. He was, for decades, a professor of biology and is what I gather is referred to as a "gentleman of the old school". He brings me all sorts of snakes, bugs, skins, fossils, dead birds, etc. The dogs love him, of course.

That said?...he has absolutely No Problem showing up at a dinner table full of visiting women and opening a box to delightedly show them the brown recluse spider he just found in his wood pile this afternoon......or some goose he's just shot and beheaded.

All I ever have to say is that he's just another of those many folks who's simply never found his proper audience. Fortunately, he remains undeterred.

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